gmail faxing

How to Send Fax from Gmail

With the advent of technology and the evolution of some specific programs, fax can now also be sent online. In the past, if you did not have the appropriate tool, you could not send this document; now, on the other hand, you can even send a fax without leaving your home, simply using your email. To be precise, Gmail.  It is now possible to send and receive fax to Gmail. All you need is a PC connected to the Internet, a Gmail account, a fax number, and a shipping formula.

Gmail Faxing

internet faxingTo send a fax from Gmail, use the free fax service of your telephone company. You can send faxes to many countries around the world, but not to all. Once you are inside your Gmail account, you need to fill in the writing field of your fax and then fill in the empty fields with text. Once the text and the writing are finished, focus on the area indicated as “A.” In that field, to ensure that you will eventually send a fax, you need to insert a detailed written guide that we will see in the next step.

The Format and Verification

In the “To” field, you need to insert the following format “remote-printer. Recipient_name @ fax_number. Iddd. Tcp. Int” that when you go to insert it in the field, it will be enough that you only change “recipient_name” with the name of the person to whom send the fax and then change “fax_number” with the fax number to which you want to send the message. Another essential thing is the verification that is, if the telephone company covers the recipient of the fax, it is necessary to enter the fax number; if after the verification appears on the page, the words “it is allowed to send a fax to this number,” log into Gmail to send the fax.

Gmail Faxing and Costs

online faxingGmail is a free email service by Google. With a Google account, you automatically have a Gmail account. The inbox is part of Gmail accounts.

How do I get an account? Gmail was previously available by invitation only, but now you can register for an account at any time.

Getting a Gmail account is very simple. Just go to the Google settings and find the Gmail icon and proceed with creating the new account or write on Google what you want to search for, as in this case, “Gmail.”

In addition, Gmail tends to offer free, if not cheap, faxes.…