Understanding Email Faxing

A facsimile or fax is the telephonic transmission of scanned and in-printed material which can be a text or image to another telephone number that is connected with a printer or any other output device. Faxing has evolved, and nowadays, it is much easier to send and receive faxes within a short time than in the past using Google fax online. 

online fax

Google Fax Number

A Google fax number is mainly an online number that usually forwards incoming faxes to an individual’s Gmail inbox. Faxing can be done from a personal computer within the email dashboard of google. An individual needs a Gmail account and the service of an online fax. The online fax service acts as an intermediary between incoming transmissions and the Gmail account in the process of sending and receiving faxes via the internet. When a fax is sent, it is automatically converted into a TIFF image which is then sent to the servers of the provider.  The image is then converted to a PDF document and delivered to a Gmail inbox.

There are three options of fax numbers one can choose from, and they include;

  •     Local
  •     Toll-free
  •     Vanity

To get a virtual fax number for free, one needs to sign up with a provider for email faxing. The process of sending documents or receiving them is usually automatic, and no other configurations or setups are needed.

Google Fax Services

These are services that can work for any business and offer a free trial before signing up. They include;

RingCentral Fax

It is among the leading providers, and this service offers a full set of features to be used in managing documents. It is an ideal option for businesses that deal with many faxes and want high-quality service. They provide toll-free, local, and vanity fax numbers to their clients.


It is among the services with great ratings around the world due to their exemplary service. It is a preferred choice for international customers since they offer fax numbers in many countries around the globe. Individuals can choose from a range of toll-free or local international fax numbers.

Facts on Email Faxing

  •     It is incredibly faster
  •     Individuals can send and receive faxes on their smartphone
  •     Sending and receiving of faxes can be done from Gmail
  •     Individuals can fax from cloud storage e.g., dropbox
  •     Documents can be stored online.
  •     Documents can be signed electronically
  •     Getting a fax number is free

Email faxing is the newest and smarter way for people to fax. It is faster and efficient, which makes it more reliable.…