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Qualities of a Good e-Juice

An a-juice is a liquid that is used to make e-cigarette. The juice usually contains flavorings, glycerine, nicotine, glycol, vegetable, and propylene. The vital thing to consider when making the e juice is the ratios for mixing the ingredients mentioned earlier. An e-juice should be able to meet some of the health safety standards for various products. This article will discuss the essential qualities of an excellent e-juice. Some of the qualities include;

The Smell and Taste of The E-juice

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A good e-juice should have the right scent and flavor. Pleasant aroma and taste indicate the e- juice is okay. Therefore the quality of an a-juice can be determined by the smell of an e-juice. Some of the reasons which canĀ lead to an unpleasant odor and taste of the a-fluid might be due to poor ratios during mixing of the ingredients, using contaminated ingredients and much more Therefore the smell and taste are among the top essential qualities of a suitable e-juice.

Flavors Used

It is believed that a good e-liquid brand should use natural flavors more than using artificial flavors. Natural flavors are essential because they reduce the use of chemicals. The natural flavors are known to having better taste. Therefore the natural flavors enhance the taste of the e-liquid. Also in the process of mixing the juices, enough times should be allowed for proper steeping of the best flavors from the liquids. Therefore when the ratios on quantity and quality of the e-fluid, it is crucial to seek knowledge from relevant authorities such as FEMA( The Flavor and Extract Manufacturing Association ) to know the correct flavor ratios.

Levels of Nicotine

Some vapor juices are known for having grade nicotine. The level of the nicotine is fundamental in any e-juice. This is because high levels of nicotine are hazardous. Therefore it is essential to ensure the levels of nicotine are not more than permitted. The nicotine level should always be tested to ensure they met the required standards. Some of the bodies that set the nicotine levels include the HPLC( The high-performance liquid chromatography) and the Nuclear magnetic resonance ( NMR). The need for regulating the levels of nicotine is because many people have turned to use the e-cigarettes to stop the traditional cigarette smoking because of its toxic properties.

The Liquid Brand

A perfect e-liquid brand should be from the company that does not hide any information regarding the e-juice to the customers. A proper manufacturer should be able to list all the ingredients used to make the e-liquid to boost consumer confidence when buying the e-juice.

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Additional information such as the resistance, vapor temperature, mixing ratios and viscosity should also beĀ given to the customer some companies hide the most crucial information and therefore leading the customers getting unworthy product. Hence it is vital to consider the liquid brand.


The main ingredients used for making the a-juice are the propylene glycol and the vegetable glycerin PG and VG respectively. These ingredients are known to be safe for human consumption. These ingredients are also widely used in making cosmetics and medicines. Therefore, the ingredients should be mixed at the right proportions to avoid reaction of the other a-juice components and the PG and VG. Thus by ensuring correct ratios, you will have done the best …